Brighton's Touchmap vs. Leicester
Viz of the week

Brighton's Touchmap vs. Leicester

The Son
The Son

Hi everyone!

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This week I had my first encounter with event data, which I "scraped" from WhoScored.

To be honest, I just copy-pasted the data. That site is pretty difficult to scrape ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

Brighton are becoming my favorite team this season, so I wanted to take a look at their midfielders' touches in the game against Leicester.

I love how the viz turned out, but I gotta give credit to the awesome mplsoccer package which did most of the heavy lifting.

Touch map for Brighton's midfield

From Around the Grounds

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Penalty blog's Massey Ratings visual

I recently discovered Martin's account, and it's pretty awesome.

His blog is full of helpful stuff on modeling, visualization, and other cool things. Be sure to check it out!

Lucas' Goalkeeper Template

This is why I made this website. I mean, look at that nice, clean and informative visual.

Really glad that the tutorials are helping people to create this amazing content.

Ben Mayhew's Squad Retention Pie Charts

The code

I hope you enjoyed today's post. As always, you're welcome to take a look at my code and reproduce the visual.

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