Jupiler Pro League - Shot Locations
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Jupiler Pro League - Shot Locations

The Son
The Son

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This week I iterated over the shot heatmap I posted a while ago for my striker template visual.

After receiving some suggestions, and using most of the code from my Tiled Shots Maps tutorial, I redesigned the bins that show the areas of the pitch where teams (or players) take their shots.

Here's the result using data from the Jupiler Pro League.

Shot locations in the Jupiler Pro League.

What do you think?

From Around the Grounds

I recently added a new section to the newsletter where I highlight visuals or articles that caught my attention during the week, if you'd like to be featured @ me on Twitter so I can see your work 😊.

Soumyajit's 3D Transforms Tutorial

An amazing tutorial from Soumyajit on how to create these types of visuals using matplotlib.

Really enjoyed reading the "brief rant" section at the end of the post...don't miss it.

End Positions of Team Crosses by Stuart Macfarlane

Love the design of this one...

Average Location of Passes into the Penalty Box by @nrehiew

The code

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