League Two xG Scatter Plot
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League Two xG Scatter Plot

The Son
The Son

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 15th issue of the Viz of the Week newsletter, where I'll be featuring a new visual each week and sharing the code behind it.

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This week I'll be pulling one from the archives, where I look at xG created and conceded in the form of a scatter plot, only this time I do it for League Two teams.

Since I never really published the code behind this visual, I thought it was time to give insight into how this is done. Hope you enjoy it!

League Two's xG Scatter plot.

From Around the Grounds

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Substitution Timings in the EPL by @FPL_Spaceman

I really loved how elegant this viz turned out.

This might only be useful for FPL players, but nonetheless, it gives a lot of inspiration for what other things could be done with this layout, such as the timing of shots and corners.

Is anyone willing to give it a shot?

Hexbin of Shots Conceded from Open Play by @FPL_Chase

This is one I had in the archives for quite a while, but I love the way that Chase uses hex bins to group the location of open play shots.

Plus, that pink color is just amazing.

xG Lollipops in R by @unarsezer

Sezer Unar is a master at creating beautiful visualizations, and the best thing about it is that he just recently started sharing his code.

The only "downside" is that it's done in R 🀒 (just kidding).

He has an amazing template for xG lollipop charts and you can now learn from it to create your own.

The code

I hope you enjoyed today's post. As always, you're welcome to take a look at my code and reproduce the visual.

All you need to do is check out my GitHub to get access to the notebook and the data behind it.

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