Friends of the Corner - Membership Program

Friends of the Corner - Membership Program

The Son
The Son

Hi everyone!

These past few months have been amazing.

Building Son of a Corner has been such an enriching experience that I am forever thankful to everyone that has supported me on this journey.

To give you an idea of the underlying numbers, since the beginning of this project (early June 2022), this website has seen:

Users of SOC by country.

I've really enjoyed the late nights and weekends that have been poured into developing these resources; that I only wish I could do it more, and better. That's why I'm going to do something I've always been scared of doing, launching a paid membership program.

Before you get the wrong idea, this does not mean that the website will be paywalled. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I learned how to code from numerous free resources, so I would never put my content and tutorials behind a paywall. However, I strongly believe that pouring some financial investment into the project can go a long way for us to produce high-quality content week in, and week out. Together.

With your financial support, I plan to invest more of my time into the website and incorporate new content such as video, as well as explore additional topics such as basic modeling and web-scraping with Python. Who knows, maybe with your support I'll eventually be able to focus my full attention on helping people learn more about Python with football data...

*I'm also looking into consolidating all of the tutorials into an open technical book on Matplotlib using Jupyter Book. It scares me, but it would be awesome!

If supporting free, public, and accessible content for the analytics community, sounds like something you're into, then please consider becoming a member. If you do, I'll be forever grateful.

Are you interested? Here's how it works...

You can start supporting Son of a Corner from 8 USD per month. Even though the main purpose of the program will be directed towards improving the content available to the general public, I've also decided to add some additional perks available to members only. More on this below 👇

Friends of the Corner Tier (8 USD / month)

  • 10% of all revenues (net of fees) will be donated to matplotlib.
  • Access to a members-only bi-weekly newsletter with code covering everything from the extraction process to visualization of the data.
  • 14-day early access to all tutorials.
  • Voting rights on which tutorials to focus on.
  • Hopefully more in the future...

Fans of the Corner Tier (40 USD / month)

  • Everything that's in the Friends of the Corner tier.
  • You'll scare the hell out of me (just a bit).
  • A 1-hour Zoom call once every quarter to discuss (and if possible) help you on your projects.

You in? If the answer's yes, thank you, I'm excited for us to build upon this relationship and learn more about python and matplotlib together. 🐍

To become a member, you can simply click on the button above and select the tier you're interested in.

I want to support the project, but 8 dollars are way more than what I can afford.

No worries, I get you.

I understand that you might be a student or in a situation where you can't spend 8 dollars on a membership. That's why 99% of this site's content will be kept free and public to anyone.

However, if you're still interested in supporting the project and you really can't afford it, shoot me an email at with the subject "Student discount" and I'll grant you a one-year 50% discount. You don't have to do anything in particular to prove you can't afford the program, I trust you 💙.

Questions you might have

If I become a member, will I be able to cancel easily?

Of course, all payments are handled by Stripe, and memberships are handled by Ghost, so unsubscribing should be a couple of clicks away.

I don't want to receive anyone's money accidentally or unwillingly, so if you've been charged by accident or cannot cancel, just shoot me an email, and I'll refund you.

When will the members-only content come out?

The first edition of the members-only newsletter will roll out on October 15th (Saturday) and will be released every other Saturday. This will grant you access to a private repository with the code (you'll need a GitHub account for that).

Plus, members will have 14-day early access to all new tutorials, which will then become freely accessible to all users. The goal will be to publish two tutorials per month, at least in the first few months, which hopefully I'm able to increase as the community grows.

Do you have a trial period?

No, sorry. Since 99% of my work is public, you should be able to get a good idea of how the members-only content is structured and presented.

Will content always be about matplotlib and python?

Not necessarily. I plan to learn as much from members and non-members about the type of content the community is interested in.

However, yes, at least for the short to mid-term, football and analytics (in python) will be the direction we will take.

Any other questions? Feel free to write me at