Swiss Super League | xGOT - xG Differential
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Swiss Super League | xGOT - xG Differential

The Son
The Son

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 14th issue of the Viz of the Week newsletter, where I'll be featuring a new visual each week and sharing the code behind it.

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This week I wanted to try a new style on bar charts, and thanks to an awesome answer in Stack Overflow I was able to add a neat trick of incorporating a gradient effect to the visual.

For this week, we'll look at Swiss Super League data to see which teams are "making more" their chances, by calculating the difference between post-shot xG (xGOT) and pre-shot xG numbers.

Swiss Super League | xGOT - xG differential

This week I wasn't able to add an Around the Grounds section because I've been on holiday and a bit disconnected from social media, so the section will come back in the next edition.

The code

I hope you enjoyed today's post. As always, you're welcome to take a look at my code and reproduce the visual.

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